Alexander Technique

When Something Outside Us Breaks Our Habits

Today I was talking with a friend about unraveling patterns and she lamented that she needed a few new routines to help her focus and create more order in her life.   My friend resigned from a job she’d had for 23 years about 10 months ago. She’d been less than... read more

Breaking Habits or Unwinding Patterns

How often have you identified a “bad” habit, something you wanted to stop doing? Almost everyone has started a new year with a list of resolutions, many of which are aimed at changing something that had been identified as undesirable. How often have these resolutions... read more

Applying the Alexander Technique

Our bodies are amazing systems designed to function optimally. Our desire for specific outcomes often leads us to use our logical, thinking brains in ways that interfere with our natural easy movement. (Perfectionism is one way of thinking that seriously interferes... read more

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