Laura Donnelly

The Cycle of Ease

Watch this simple video to increase your awareness of Easiness Our mind is a muscle. Training our minds is like learning any physical skill. Therefore, shifting our awareness toward what’s going well and away from what’s going wrong requires gentle... read more

Discovering Easiness is Easier than You Think

Easiness is our natural state of being Due to stress, fatigue, injury, or fear our minds can shift to thinking repeatedly about our stress, what makes us tired, or the things that make us fearful or frustrated. Thinking and worrying about what’s going wrong... read more

The Right Way vs. the Wrong Way to Manage Your Mind

Many people are talking about mindfulness these days. The definition I like is from “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings,... read more

You Can’t Change the Past — Oh Yes, You Can!

Read on a little before you say “Not possible!” It’s 1975, my senior year in high school. My mom drives me to school every morning because we only have one car. I cross the street, walk across the front entry, climb three steps, approach the bank of six doors, and... read more

A little Ease for my friends Enmeshed in Grading

For many involved in formal education the end of the school term is here along with the pressure to complete the dreaded “final grades.” Having returned to my normal “learning all the time” and “test by practical application” schedule, I’ve begun to observe some... read more

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